Here is the video:

As of today here is the software main features:

  • 3D work space to open STL files.
  • 3D view, rotate, pan, move objects
  • Add STL files to build area or delete selected objects
  • Save whole build area as single STL file
  • Copy and Auto Position multiple objects.
  • Translate, rotate and scale objects in 3 dimension
  • Center and drop objects to build area
  • Slice objects (Slic3r is working in background)
  • Communication with Arduino based controllers
  • Vector based layer images (Can be scaled without resolution loss)
  • Choose any color for output layers (Contour, Hole, Background, Blinding)
  • Calibration image for adjusting projector
  • Upload Arduino firmware from the software
  • Setting exposure time for starting layers
  • Transform output image in 2D (zoom, scale, center)

Features to add soon:

  • Custom G-code scripts for printer movements
  • Sending serial projector commands (Like Power off)
  • Adding support structure


You can download the latest version of the software here (Still Beta)

Download Ver 0.8.5

  • This application only tested under Windows 7 and Windows XP
  • You may need to run the application with administrator privileges
  • requires .net framework 4.0


Please send us an e-mail for your requirements

We highly utilized from open source software like Repetier-Host and Slic3r in developing this software.


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  1. Rip says:

    how would I transfer the SVG file to something that I can get a projector to project?

  2. GrosPlombs says:

    I tried your software over the week-end. I was able to successfully print my first 3D part on my home made 3DLP printer. I love the fact that you can load a 3D model, slice it and print it all in the same software interface.

    There are a few things I would change: The slide show should have a black background even outside the cell dimensions, you should remove the window frame and scrollbars. I use my projector as a second display in Win7 and would like to make it fullscreen, but the outside area of the part is not black, so it hardens my plastic outside the part boundary.

    Another thing is that the ZOOM value on the TRANSFORM tab is not saved and I need to re-enter it every time whereas the other parameters are saved.

    You could add “pause”, “resume” and “stop” buttons during the printing phase.

    Thank you for this great software!

    • Andres says:

      Hi Mr. Plombs, I am working on a 3DLP printer also and I have almost all the frame and motors ready. I need to buy a projector and add it to the main frame. I am using the Gnexlab software version 0.8.5 and I wonder where to find the generated slices file in my hard drive I can’t find it anywhere. I will appreciate any of your comments about. Thanks.

  3. Andres says:

    I just download the V 0.8.5 and try to install it. I think it did but at the end it shows me a warning. “Unable to execute file: C;\program file (x86) gnexlab3DLP\gnexlab3DLP.exe” and “CreateProcess fails; Code 740 The requested operation requires elevation” I have net framework 4.0 and I am using Windows 7(64). Any suggestion?

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