My name is Nuri Erginer. I am an industrial engineer actively working for the Turkish Ministry of Defense. In my spare time I develop software, design PCB boards specifically related with CNC systems and 3D printers. Of course this technology is not related to the defense industry. :)

Over the last couple of years I have been actively following the development and growth of the 3D printing community so I decided to design some software and boards as an engineer. I will try to simplify the 3D printer concept and minimize the learning curve associated with totally new and unfamiliar mechanics electronics and software.

I hope you will enjoy working with the CNC and 3D printer world as much as I do.

Contact : nerginer@gnexlab.com


4 responses »

  1. Lance Riley says:

    Your store says that the Extruder Controller 2 Thermistor Type (gecs2ts1) is no longer in stock. Does that mean it will NEVER be in stock or that there will be a delay in receiving it if I order it. If never where can I find an alternate source?

  2. Nitrous says:

    Is this still an active project? The last entries seem to be from 2013

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